8 weeks to launch

Last week my novel, A Cunning Plan, went up on Amazon for preorder. I realized I had only 8 weeks left to come up with some sort of marketing strategy. I’m still figuring it out as it goes, but every week, I’ll post a summary of what I’ve done and the lessons I’ve learnt till the launch date: May 6th.

Here’s what I’ve done in Week 8:

Number eight purple color over a blue background. Anniversary

  • Set up a Facebook author page: I invited all my friends to like the page and added links to my blog as well as my Kindle book on Amazon
  • Put up a link for my book on Twitter: Obviously, will need to reiterate regularly so it doesn’t get lost in my newsfeed
  • Set up Goodreads’ book and author pages: takes up to 24 hours to be validated
  • Set up an Amazon author page: I think I’ve only done it on the US Amazon so I’ll have to reiterate on the UK one
  • Worked on my website: I added a link to my book on the website and tried to make it look better by buying a new theme

5 things I’ve learned by switching from WordPress.com to Worpress.org:

  1. If you don’t need to leave WordPress.com – DON’T : I lost precious hours reconfigurating my new website. If like me, you are not a geek, stick to what you know.
  2. Before buying a new theme for your blog, check out its compatibility with WordPress.com so you don’t end up going mental.
  3. Dns (Domain Name System) take up to 48 hours to activate so once you’ve changed your domain name on your website, patiently wait for the change to occur rather than redo the operation ten times in a row pointlessly.
  4. Worpress.org has great plugins (MailChimp for example). Before complicating your life by coming up with your own code, check out what plugins are available first.
  5. If you did take the WordPress.org route, explore all the features offered: The result is pretty awesome and you can virtually do everything you want with your website. I love my new blog – What do you think?

What I’m planning to do in Week 7:

  • Ask bloggers to host me on their websites
  • Set up a Giveaway
  • Set up a newsletter via MailChimp
  • Find out ways to use the London Book Fair to promote my book
  • Set up a Thunderclap campaign

As always, I’m all ears when it comes to suggestions. What did you do to promote your book? Tick, tock – Clock is ticking and launch date is fast approaching. Advice anyone?

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