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A new Sloane Harper novel

A Cunning Heist, book 2 of the Sloane Harper series, is finally ready to share with the world!
It’s easy to think that nothing equals the elation of completing your first novel but as it turns out, the thrill returns with each new book.
I’m particularly excited with A Cunning Heist as I was beginning to miss Sloane and her colorful friends, and I know some of you missed them too.  Writing a series is like starting a family and getting to see your children grow up–a true gift.
I haven’t set a release date for A Cunning Heist yet because I’m trying to land a book deal with Amazon for it. If it gets selected by Kindle Press, A Cunning Heist should be released in a few months and if it isn’t, I’m planning to self-publish it by September.


Kindle Scout

If you want to read A Cunning Heist early, please visit my Kindle Scout campaign page. You can download the first chapters and nominate it for a publishing deal. Every vote makes a difference! If the book gets selected, every person who voted will receive the complete ebook for free!

The Sloane Harper series can be read out of order but for those of you who want to start at the beginning, feel free to email me and I’ll send you a free ebook of A Cunning Plan.



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