Books, babies and the creative process

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted last. 2016 so far has been a busy year…

A couple rounds of edits for my novel, A Cunning Plan, a baby boy born on February 17th and the usual hectic life of a mom, have kept me away from the blogging sphere.

Now as things settle down – slowly-  and nighttime feeds shift to a more human pace – one hundred times a night rather than a thousand 🙂 – my fingers gladly reconnect with my laptop’s keyboard.

A Cunning Plan is meant to be the first book in a series. I thought I’d write book 2 while pregnant with my son but it didn’t turn out that way. Though women are champions at multitasking, I discovered I can’t juggle creativity. I can cook, call, read a story to my toddler and shop online all at once but I can’t create more than one thing at a time. Last year I created my son (a masterpiece if you ask me!), hopefully this year I’ll return to writing.

Anyhow with this new little man in my life, I feel more inspired than ever. My kids are a gift, forces of nature that shake me off a natural tendency to lethargy and pull me into a whirlwind of creative energy. They inspire me to do more, to produce something lasting that they can be proud of one day.

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There wouldn’t a be a Sloane Harper, my heroine, if it weren’t for my daughter and my need to show her that women can be so much more than what’s expected of them.

Sloane is an insecure housewife who discovers she can reinvent herself if she sets her heart to it and doesn’t let the other people in her life drag her down. Having struggled with insecurities and image issues my whole life, I hope I can spare this waste of time for my daughter. We are as strong as we wish ourselves to be: I guess it’s the ultimate message I’ve tried to weave into my novel.

And now A Cunning Plan is almost ready to share with the world! Just a few last minute touch ups and it will be sent out for reviews. Publication is planned for May!


How lucky can a woman be? 🙂

I just sent out my novel’s dedicace and acknowledgments to my editor. For the authors out there, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand me when I say I didn’t need to work on those. How many times had I written them in my mind, way before the book was even finished?

Soon I’ll see these words printed on paper (well at first on my Kindle as the print version only comes as a second step). Sounds too good to be true…

All my life I’ve been dreaming  of being a mother and an author. Today I am a mother to three kids: my daughter, my son and a novel. Oddly enough, I needed to become a mother and see my spare time reduced tenfold to finally find the time to write and publish a novel. Energy generates energy, actions inspire creation and babies can lead to books : the important principle here is to stay in constant motion.


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  • Tu sais, Astrid, j’ai eu exactement la même motivation, à laisser un héritage positif pour mes enfants et pour raconter une histoire avec un message pour tous les deux. Inutile de dire que j’ai consacré le premier livre à eux. Ils sont maintenant des adultes. Le temps passe! Bon chance avec ce roman nouveau!

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