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28 Nov, 16 _ For Authors
To self publish or not? That is the question. The world of publishing has evolved incommensurably in
19 Sep, 16 _ For Authors
Last week was an awful week. I received some bad news and without boring you with the details
10 Sep, 16 _ For Authors
Hi everyone! Holidays are finally over and school started this week for my daughter, Sasha.
27 Jun, 16 _ For Authors
Ok, here me out. Despite the title, this post isn’t about me complaining about
23 May, 16 _ For Authors
Today Shani Struthers is on the blog, talking about her soon to be released novel
07 May, 16 _ For Authors
What does friendship and books have to do with each other you may ask… Well after yesterday
25 Apr, 16 _ For Authors
Ten days till launch date for A Cunning Plan! Time for you to meet Sloane Harper – sweet mom,
15 Apr, 16 _ For Authors
Today we celebrate the launch of The Masterpiecers, a fantastic New Adult novel, and its writer
11 Apr, 16 _ For Authors
Stella Hervey Birrell, brilliant novelist and fellow Crooked Cat, is on my blog today to talk about
03 Apr, 16 _ For Authors
One year ago, I attended the London Book Fair as an aspiring author: insecure, full of stories