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I found this “tag” post idea on Jenny in Neverland‘s fantastic blog. Thought it would be a great way to get better acquainted.

If you do answer these questions on your blog, please stick the link in my comment box.

Would love to get to know all of you better 🙂

Four Jobs I’ve Had

Kinder mit Schultafel

1) Kindergaten teacher

2) PR assistant. Specialized in beauty brands. Way too many pheromones packed in a cramped office for me.

3) Intern at Glamour magazine in Paris.

4) Mom. Best job ever!

Four Things I Don’t Eat

1) Oysters

2) Snails. I’m quite the disappointment as far as French people go

3) Olives

4) Not much else. My nickname growing up was the bin because I finished everyone else’s plates

Four Places I’ve Lived

Tour Eiffel in Paris

1) Paris

2) Rome

3) Back to Paris

4) London

Four of My Favorite Foods


1) Cake!!!

2) Anything sweet

3) Any kind of Asian food

4) Junk food


Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

1) Dirty Dancing

2) The Courtesan

3) Home Alone

4) Every single Disney movie. And with my daughter it’s not about to stop anytime soon

Four TV Shows I watch


1) Castle

2) Bones

3) Grey’s anatomy

4) Outlander! My new favorite

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year

Woman using tablet PC

1) Getting pregnant again. Fingers crossed!

2) Publishing my first novel

3)  Watching my toddler blossom into a little girl

4) Meeting my niece. My sister’s due mid July

Four Things I Can’t Live Without

1) My daughter, husband and family

2) Cakes

3) Books

4) Nursery. I love my daughter but I need the spare time

Four Places I’ve Visited

Straw hat, bag and sun glasses on a tropical beach

1) India. A magical place.

2) The Bahamas. Our most recent family vacations. Absolutely loved it!

3) Thailand

4) Virgin Gorda. A small piece of heaven on Earth.

Four Pet Peeves

1) Envious women

2) People who disrespect their employees.

3) Judgmental people. Why can’t they mind their own business?

4) Intellectual snobs. The one’s that sneer when I talk about Chick lit

Four Things I Wish I Could Do

Opera singer

1) Sing

2) Do magic

3) Project my thoughts onto a Word document without having to type them. I’m such a slow typer!

4) Work for a charity helping children

Four Subjects I Studied at School

1) Literature

2) Communications

3) Teaching

4) Art

Four Things Near Me Right Now

Hand draw style heart shape in red color

1) My phone

2) The TV remote

3) A bottle of water. I panic when it’s out of reach

4) About a thousand color markers scattered on the couch. Only way to keep my daughter busy while I write

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  • I LOVE your answers to these! You are a fascinating woman 🙂 You were a Glamour Intern in PARIS?! Okay, wow! And the best of luck at getting pregnant again, what a wonderful thing that would be! I also panic when I don’t have a bottle of water near or with me… How funny! And I’m extremely jealous of the places you’ve visited xxx

    • And I’m jealous of your many trips to Disneyland! Haven’t been in four years, that’s my all time record. I absolutely love that place. I don’t even have to do any of the attractions – just leave me on a bench in Main Street and I’ll be the happiest girl around 🙂

      • Oh I just love Disneyland. If I had the money to go every year, I so would! I do love the rides but just the whole atmosphere is worth going for. I’ve only ever been around Christmas and walking around main street in the shops, all dressed up warm when it’s starting to get dark and all the lights are on is SO magical!

  • This is so cool! I’ll try and do a similar post myself but it won’t be for a few weeks. In the meantime, we share 3 of the same favourite foods, a love of Disney, the same top 2 shows (will have to check out Outlander. Have Castle pic on my twitter page if you scroll back a bit. Makes a great screen saver!), same top 3 things to look forward to this year, and the exact same top 4 things to not live without (spooky). I would have to agree with you also on top 4 pet peeves (though I have to make sure I don’t be too judgy myself!) and also on the top 4 things I wish I could do.

    So if I do write my own post on this, I am going to have to get creative so that it doesn’t read pretty much the same as yours!

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