Friendship and books

What does friendship and books have to do with each other you may ask… Well after yesterday, I would answer you: EVERYTHING.

As some of you may know ( God knows I’ve been hammering about it enough on Twitter and Facebook), yesterday was the official release of my first novel, A Cunning Plan.

The week leading up to it has been long and saturated in emotions – Fear, hope, anticipation, stress. But most of all, overwhelming LOVE.


I did everything I could to promote this book all throughout the week, short of shouting from a rooftop (Or maybe I did? Perhaps blabbering on Twitter does equate shouting from a rooftop. After all it’s mostly screaming from the tip of your fingers to perfect strangers: “Buy my book!”, “Read my blog!”, “Check out this interview!”, and hoping that someone, somewhere, may hear your message.)

I didn’t get the same lonely feeling from Facebook. Mostly because at the very core of Facebook, are your friends. And my friends have been absolutely amazing this week. They truly rallied – sharing my posts, liking everything about my book, showing up at my Facebook online launch party – and this way, they made my launch day truly UNFORGETTABLE.

Yesterday morning I woke up shaking like a leaf from stress. I had worked till midnight the night before, trying to plan fun posts and giveaways for the party, hoping to show my “guests” a good time. Little did I know that they would be the ones making my launch day so special. I forgot about this simple truth: friends make every occasion, even the ones that aren’t planned and most simple, fun and enjoyable.

I shivered all throughout breakfast, and most of the morning, before resolving to call my friends for help. I’m not great at asking for services. I abhor feeling like a burden so asking for a favor usually costs me dearly. But I’ve been working on this novel and its launch for over a year so I decided it deserved a fair chance to thrive. I sent messages to only my closest friends, asking them to buy my book and show up at the party, ready to beg. I literally felt like a thirteen year old throwing her first birthday bash, worried that no friends would show up at the party. It almost made me forget about sales and the book to be honest.

Begging wasn’t needed it turns out… They were all more than happy to lend me a hand where they could and I’m SO grateful for their kindness. Forming one formidable army, they overtook my launch day and gave me the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

By noon the shaking had receded to a slight tremor. By 4PM I had a dance party, baby boy in my arms, alone in my living room. All afternoon at my “party”, I smiled till my cheeks hurt, giggled alone in front of the computer, jumped for joy when I checked out my Amazon.Fr ranking. I made the bestseller’s list in my category!

Capture d'écran 2016-05-07 06.57.11

A wonderful day born from love and friendship, memories shared, best wishes extended, happiness for my “success”. A day to remind me of the importance of friendship and how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

So this post is for you, MY FRIENDS. Thank you for all your help. I’m too lucky to have you and believe me, I intend to never forget it.

Love xx

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