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Casting my Story

Welcome to Sloane’s world!

People often ask me who I had in mind when creating A Cunning Plan’s characters.

So for those of you who recently got acquainted with my quirky heroine, and for those who have yet to meet her, here’s my ideal cast for the Sloane Harper series!

. Sloane Harper: my heroine is pretty but she doesn’t know it, clumsy, often inadequate but always funny (mostly despite herself) and lovable. For her I couldn’t decide on just one actress so instead I picked two. Dree Hemingway for her physique and understated beauty, and Cameron Diaz for her quirky, adorable personality.

. Ethan Cunning: Ethan is my sexy secret boyfriend (well, he is Sloane’s really but a gal can dream, right?). For him I had actor, Theo James in mind.

. Sloane’s sidekicks: Olivia Wilde would play Claudia (see picture below), Emma Thompson for Bizzy and Paige Turco as Katherine Stappleton

. Sloane’s flowers: Elle Fanning for Rose, and this little girl (see slideshow), whose name I don’t know but who’s cute as a button, as Poppy.

. Sloane’s suitors: George Clooney would play Tom, Sloane’s ex husband, and Olivier Martinez would star as Gabriel Varela

For those of you who have read A Cunning Plan, who did you picture for these roles? Does my ideal cast match yours? xx




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