A Cunning Plan is peppered with colorful choice words — most of them in Polish — courtesy of Claudia. Along with her beloved curse words, Sloane’s best friend is also known to mix up her sayings in English and make up words as she goes. I can unfortunately relate to that, which is why I’m having so much fun seeing Claudia own up to the mistakes I commit on a daily basis.

English is my second language, one I only learnt in college, quite late in life. As such, I’ve been lost in translation time and again and shame has threatened to swallow me whole quite a few times. Can’t tell you the worst instances as I’m trying to keep this website politically correct but you can research the word ‘Fig’ in Italian, then look for its closest homonym and it will give you an idea of how strangely the producer dealer gawked at me.

Stories I can tell you include calling my father “a rat”, which means nothing in English but refers to someone cheap in France, or saying out loud in a bakery “it smells like crepe here” — I think you can guess how ‘crepe’ sounded with my French accent 🙂

Maybe her mistakes are what makes Claudia so dear to me — that, and she’s hilarious! Thankfully for you, readers, I write in English better than I speak.

Well, I truly hope that’s true…

Anyone else lost in translation? Any anecdote to share? xx


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