Meet the author: Bernadette Keeling

November in England is a month when to stay cooped up inside, nose buried into a great book. Last week was particularly rainy, the kind of weather that seems made to read a great thriller, mysteries, or better yet, ghost stories. Here comes Into Dust, a collection of short stories written by author Bernadette Keeling, the perfect companion to a dark November day. 

 Into Dust


Containing eight chilling stories of love, despair, loneliness and redemption, Into Dust is a collection of supernatural tales which will have you lighting a fire, reaching for a drink and, of course, locking your door.

Meet Bernadette Keeling


Bernadette studied law at Sheffield University before heading briefly to London then to a firm of solicitors in Leeds. She left in 2011 to bring up her children and pursue her writing.

She won a number of short stories competitions and so decided to self-publish a collection of supernatural stories. Bernadette went straight into self-publishing, without trying to approach literary agents as she understood there to be little interest in collections by new writers.

She’s produced everything herself, including the gorgeous cover of Into Dust.

I’ve come up with a short questionnaire for Bernadette, a chance to get to know the author beyond her work and biography.

Your favorite word? 


The word you hate most?


Your favorite addiction?


The sound you love most?

My son laughing

The plant, tree or animal you wish you could be reincarnated as?

Ooh, tough one. Torn between a wise oak tree and all that it would see over many human lifetimes and a transient daffodil which signals the start of spring and gives so much pleasure.

Your perfect evening?

Pyjamas, DVD box set, chocolate.

Name three guests (alive or deceased) to your ideal dinner party

Neil Gaiman, Shonda Rhimes and William Shakespeare – should be interesting !

A talent you wish you had?

Singing – definitely singing. I am terrible but I can imagine it must be a satisfying method of personal expression – just belting it all out !! Oh to be able to sing along, in tune, to With or Without You!

Can you be found inside your book?

Yes, most definitely. Despite being supernatural tales, they are essentially about people : their loves, challenges, fears and passions and my own are in there. There is one particular story which I can’t read anymore because it makes me cry so much at the end as it is so personal. I hope that this means it will strike a chord with other readers too. I am also perfectly capable of having a very dark turn of mind which I don’t always show to the people around me but which certainly comes across in my work.


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