My hashtag week

Hashtag: a barbaric symbol that’s taken over the cyber space. 

When I first spotted my first hashtag a couple years ago, I thought the world had gone mad. Pictures on Facebook captioned by three or four lines of utter nonsense -#foodporn#lifeisgood#bighairdontcare#bestfriendsforever, and so on and so forth.

Did I miss something? Was there a new drug on the market that drove my friends to cyber logorrhea and made them lose the ability to write proper sentences? Hashtags used this way often look like the inner ramblings of a hormonal teenage girl. When your friends are close to thirty, you start to worry.

Much later, I discovered Twitter and realized hashtags could be more than an exhibitonist need to share ones life with the whole world.

I came up with a new definition for it.

Hashtag: a powerful symbol that links people sharing special interests together.

My Twitter week now revolves around hashtags. Writer friendly hashtags that introduce me to wonderful people, talented authors and kindred spirits. Creative hashtags that stimulate the imagination and inspire authors, that offer a platform for free expression.

These hashtags have become the best part of my Twitter week, something to look forward everyday.

Here’s my Twitter week in 5 hashtags:

1) #MondayBlogs: For every blogger under the sun. If you want to share your latest blog post on Twitter, this is the hashtag for you. #MondayBlogs will retweet your post and allow you to reach a wider audience. Look up its founder, Rachel Thompson aka @BadRedHeadMedia, writer and marketing guru.

2) #1lineWed: My favorite day of the week! 🙂 The guidelines change from one week to the next, keeping the participants on their toes… Whether the theme is sound, family, or page 111 of your manuscript, #1lineWed is a chance to share favorite lines from your manuscript and read fellow authors’ work. It’s a lot of fun, and very inspiring. #1lineWed is run by Kiss of Death aka @RWAKissofDeath.

3) #WWWblogs: Another Wednesday hashtag! Busy day! Women Writers Wednesday Blogs is run by @Womenwriterblog. It’s a place for women writers to tweet their latest blog post.

4) #FF: Follow Friday is a chance to thank the most active members of your Twitter community for their participation. With this hashtag, you recommend them to the rest of your network and hopefully help form new relationships on Twitter.

5) #SundayBlogShare: Suzie81 Speaks aka @SundayBlogShare, allows authors to share blog posts every Sundays, whether it’s their own or others.

So many hashtags, so little time – This for now is my week but there are many more Twitter hashtags I look forward to exploring.

Fellow writers, bloggers: Any other hashtags’ suggestions?


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      • No new news, which is neither good or bad, just frustrating! I’ve started to ponder sending out another round of queries, but then I did say I’d wait 6 weeks (which is this Friday). So maybe next week.
        Any news with you?
        I know what you mean about Twitter and time. I’ve been a bit quieter on there recently and forcing myself to use the time to write instead.

  • So many hashtags, so little time! Never a truer comment; but thank you for highlighting them, it might give my time spent on Twitter a little more focus… :o)

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