Valley of tears and a mountain of doughnuts: finding the silver lining

Last week was an awful week. I received some bad news and without boring you with the details, I cried on and off for four days straight. B.K (Before Kids, not Burger King), I would have crawled under my blankets and wallowed in despair that whole time.lot-ugly-crying

But unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I do have my kids and they need me. Teary mommy isn’t an option so I was forced to find ways out of my funk.

I read (a lot), wrote (a lot), ate (too much) – mostly doughnuts, and searched for a better perspective. I focused on what made me happy.

Reading is a happy place for me. Always has

Writing is a magical land. I had been writing-deprived for more than two months and reconnected with my keyboard with utter delight. As soon as I began typing, the tears receded, making room for new characters, hilarious situations, and a Kebbeh attack. As soon as you allow your plotting mind to pause and your fingers to take over, like magic your brain links story dots together and the big picture emerges. Writing is the best job ever! Can never get enough of it!

I ate twenty million calories – more or less a few dozens. Seriously, sugar makes me happy. I’m still struggling with my baby weight and was on a diet the week before that. But sometimes you just have to admit you can’t do everything at the same time. I have a lifetime to diet and find my initial form. One week won’t change that.

There’s this doughnut place next to my new house that I’d been dying to check out. Well, check out I have and every single doughnut on the menu I’ve tasted. Can’t say that I regret a single one. Doughnuts are sweet presents from the Gods to humanity. Who am I to deny their generous gift?1a8716b0-e2f2-0133-6dbd-0e89da4c2bc1

I searched for the silver lining. Most things in life are function of perspective. The same situation can appear dreary or funny depending on your mood. Despite being particularly depressed, I clung to the humor and beauty in my life.

I tried to see my kids. Really enjoy them rather than live alongside them. Celebrate their tiny progress and unique traits. My son crawled for the first time and I cried – happy tears obviously. I chuckled for almost an hour as I watched my daughter and son dressed in the same yellow rain coat. I tried to capture their cuteness for my inner photo album, to browse for the years to come.

I watched people out in the street. Mentally sketching their oddities, strange habits and ladybug umbrellas. Cataloguing all that I saw for future stories. Feeling grateful to be part of it all, this magnificent life that we only get a chance to live once.anigif_enhanced-buzz-25126-1394827424-18

As I found perspective, the valley of tears diminished to a lazy stream and I was left sitting on top of a mountain of doughnuts, contemplating the view.


What do you do when you need perspective? What never fails to make you happy?

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